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Say goodbye to tedious back-and-forth email chains, and hello to efficient interactions on your behalf.

Hive’s cutting-edge solution is designed to transform the way CPAs engage with clients:

Seamlessly merging the power of AI with the expertise of financial professionals. AI Client Assistant streamlines client onboarding, answers detailed queries, and offers 24/7 support with a professional in the loop.

This advanced tool not only increases efficiency but provides AI-driven accuracy in finance-related matters, so tax and financial planning professionals can focus on high-value tasks while fostering stronger client relationships.

Embrace the future of tax and financial planning service with Hive’s AI Client Support Assistant.

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Save Time Onboarding New Clients

Through dynamic conversations, the AI Client Support Assistant expedites new client interviews, efficiently extracts information, and ensures data accuracy. The result is more time for high-value tasks with confidence in the chatbot’s reliable handling of initial client engagement.

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Offer 24/7 Client Support

Operating 24/7, the chatbot accommodates client schedules, accelerating onboarding, and enhancing satisfaction. You no longer have to work late nights in the office to complete paperwork that was interrupted by endless phone calls. The client support assistant redefines efficiency, reallocates resources effectively, and establishes a seamless client-advisor partnership.


Accurate Answers Anytime, Anywhere

Armed with up-to-date tax code information, the AI Client Support Assistant is available to answer any questions your clients may have. Questions about your process, fees, and tax codes no longer have to interrupt your work in progress. Keep your concentration on the task at hand and allow your assistant to respond to inquiries.

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Dashboard Visibility

All communications between the client and chatbot are recorded on a professional dashboard. Review all the discussions to ensure accuracy and provide additional context as needed. Gain complete confidence in your assistant’s interactions.

“As a CPA, I found the AI tax advisor bot to be an invaluable tool. It automated many routine tasks, which freed up my time to focus on more complex tax situations for my clients.”

— Samuel Dodin, CPA

“I appreciate how the client support assistant not only assists with client’s tax questions but also offers insights into potential tax-saving strategies. It’s like having a knowledgeable co-worker on hand 24/7.”

— Paul J Spann, CPA

“The client support assistant is a real game-changer for our firm. It’s sped up our workflows significantly, and the increased efficiency has allowed us to take on more clients.”

— Jaime A Mayorga CRTP, Tax Professional

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