Tax Return Analysis

tax research tool
Be a professional tax hero with HIVE’s AI powered assistant!

Effortlessly scan tax returns to catch errors or omissions.

Discover hidden opportunities for savings.

Wow clients with comprehensive reports, all on your branded letterhead.

Navigate the complexities of your clients’ individual situations and make informed decisions confidently with this intuitive tool and invaluable reporting function. Save time and win over new clients.

Reviewing Tax Returns Has Never Been Easier


Authoritative Source of Tax Data

This AI assistant is trained with updated federal and state tax data from authoritative sources. 

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Data Privacy and Security

No tax return data is stored on a database or in the cloud. The scanned tax returns pass through the AI model and is purged immediately as the report is output.


Delight Your Clients with Unearthed Savings

Our tool meticulously scrutinizes tax returns, uncovering potential savings from even the most obscure sources.

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Win New Business with Impressive Onboarding

Imagine effortlessly scanning a new client tax return and being able to present a beautiful report, branded with your firm’s logo. This report not only showcases potential savings but also leaves a lasting impression. Harness this capability and watch as satisfied clients become your most effective marketing tool, driving new business your way.

“We used to spend a fortune on content libraries for tax research, and it was a cumbersome process to find the information we needed. Having tried the HIVE AI tax research assistant Gen at the IRS forum, research has become incredibly efficient. The tool understands the context of our queries, providing relevant case laws, regulations, and interpretations in seconds.”

— Alicia Van, CPA, Managing Director at TaxStrive Consulting

“I was initially skeptical about replacing our extensive content library, but testing the HIVE AI tax research tool has been a revelation. It’s not just a search engine; it’s an interactive research assistant. It suggests related topics and even identifies potential tax-saving opportunities we hadn’t considered.”

— William Robert, CPA, Partner at Legacy Tax &

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