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Why CPAs Love the HIVE AI Assistant

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Efficient client onboarding and education chatbot

Provide your clients with 24/7 support and keep them happy, while you focus on high value tasks.

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Cost-effective tax research tools

Comprehensive search tax codes and tax court rules and cases from authoritative sources.

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Expansion in advisory service offerings

Demand for financial advisory services is year round. Extend your tax and financial service offerings beyond the 4/15 deadline!

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Hive Tax AI Tools for Industry Professionals

AI Client Support Assistant

This GPT-4 Turbo powered, client support chatbot conducts new client interviews and onboarding, answers client tax and financial planning questions, and provides tax and financial advice 24/7.

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search by keywords, questions, or citation screenshot mockup of software

Tax Research Assistant

Advanced keyword search capabilities and up-to-date content libraries combined with an intuitive auto-suggest function.

AI Financial Planner

Financial planning is no longer a high-billing service offered only to high net worth individuals. Let our AI planner do the leg work and generate planning reports. All you need to do is to review and present to your clients!

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search by keywords, questions, or citation screenshot mockup of software

Custom AI Solutions

Want an AI Assistant trained on your proprietary knowledge base? We have a solution for you too! Options include cloud hosting, Vector database and API, or finetuned AI for unbelievable results. Contact us for a free consultation

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