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Comprehensive financial planning for individual and business clients

Clients can choose from 16 different planning components

AI assistant gathers the client information and financial goals

AI assistant produces comprehensive and personalized financial plans in real time

Assist in the entire 7 step process of financial planning

50% productivity gain means offering more clients with deeper and broader financial planning

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Financial Planning Interview

Use your valuable time to focus on improving client relationships and performing higher level analysis of their unique situations. Enjoy the confidence that comes with accurate results.

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Comprehensive Financial Plan Including 8 Plan Components for Personal and Business Clients

Key plan components include investment planning, saving for children’s education, real estate, retirement planning, estates, business entities and more. 


Comprehensive and Personalized Financial Plans

Access the financial plans generated by your assistants, modify, enhance, compile and deliver to your client with the help from your AI assistants through the entire steps!

Financial Planning dashboard
” Wow!..That is a great response. Structuring the answer in terms of mechanics and benefits is so helpful. I can use the financial planning assistant to help me expand my knowledge base.”

— Rich Gould, H&R Advisor

“We watched the HIVE AI financial planning tool demo at the San Diego IRS forum. We were very impressed. As a solo practitioner, efficiency is key to my business. This AI tool has significantly cut down the time I spend on financial planning tasks, allowing me to focus on strategic consulting and client relationships.”

— John Ro, EA

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