“As a CPA, I found the AI tax advisor bot to be an invaluable tool. It automated many routine tasks, which freed up my time to focus on more complex tax situations for my clients.”

— Samuel Dodin, CPA

“The AI tax advisor bot is a real game-changer for our firm. It’s sped up our workflows significantly, and the increased efficiency has allowed us to take on more clients.”

— Jaime A Mayorga CRTP, Tax Professional

“The AI tax advisor bot has been an excellent resource for our junior staff, assisting them with complex tax cases and serving as an incredible learning tool.”

— Jenny S Black, CVA, CPA

“I appreciate how the AI tax advisor bot not only assists with client’s tax questions but also offers insights into potential tax-saving strategies. It’s like having a knowledgeable co-worker on hand 24/7.”

— Paul J Spann, CPA