Custom AI Assistants

Does your firm want its own AI assistant with a custom knowledge base? We have a solution for you too!

HIVE’s cutting-edge, custom AI assistant platform offers 3 solutions:


Customized AI Assistant

  • Effortless, Customized Knowledge Base Setup: Leverage HIVE AI expensive knowledge of task code, customized with your proprietary business information. Pre-built templates guide you through the process you can get started quickly and easily.
  • Continuously Improve with User Feedback: Capture user feedback to constantly refine your knowledge base. This ensures your information stays accurate and addresses user needs, leading to a more satisfying experience for everyone.
  • Always Accessible & Scalable: Included cloud hosting keeps your knowledge base readily available from anywhere, anytime. Plus, it automatically scales to meet your needs, so you never have to worry about storage limitations.
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RAG-Powered AI Assistant

  • Easy access to powerful information storage: Imagine a super-powered filing cabinet that can find things similar to what you’re looking for in a flash. This is what Vector DB does, and the APIs are the tools you use to unlock it.
  • Dedicated hosting included: Don’t worry about setting up or maintaining Vector DB, we will take care of everything for you.
  • Customized AI Assistant: Enjoy all the benefits of HIVE’s AI Assistant — in your own superpowered environment.


Finetuned AI Assistant

  • Supercharge Your AI Assistant: Gone are the generic responses! A finetuned model personalizes your AI assistant to understand your specific needs and language. Imagine an assistant who remembers your preferences and delivers highly relevant information, just for you.
  • Seamless Search & Answers: No more clunky search bars! A custom API allows for a smooth and intuitive way to find the information you need. Ask questions in a natural way and get clear, concise answers delivered right where you need them.
  • Next-Level Accuracy with RAG Technology: Get ready for mind-blowing accuracy! RAG-powered AI leverages both retrieval and generation to provide the most relevant and factually correct answers possible. It’s like having a personal research assistant with superhuman knowledge at your fingertips.
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” Wow!..That is a great response. Structuring the answer in terms of mechanics and benefits is so helpful. I can use the financial planning assistant to help me expand my knowledge base.”

— Rich Gould, H&R Advisor

“We watched the HIVE AI financial planning tool demo at the San Diego IRS forum. We were very impressed. As a solo practitioner, efficiency is key to my business. This AI tool has significantly cut down the time I spend on financial planning tasks, allowing me to focus on strategic consulting and client relationships.”

— John Ro, EA

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