AI Adoption: A Practical Guide for Small Practitioners

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“AI Adoption: A Practical Guide for Small Practitioners” is available on
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Course Description

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm. How should small practitioners think about, adopt, and harness the advantages of AI in 2024? This webinar will be presented by AI product builders who witness a wide range of AI awareness, training, and experience, along with a vast spectrum of attitudes toward AI from tax professionals.

This webinar aims to share our presenter’s firsthand observations and insights that demystify AI for CPA practices, and more importantly, provide small CPA practitioners with a clear, actionable roadmap to harness AI in their practice. Attend this webinar to ensure that your small CPA practice has the knowledge and tools not only to partake in the AI revolution but also to thrive within it.

This webinar will cover generative AI in CPA practices, the current state of AI adoption, risks, ethical, and regulatory considerations, the HIVE Trustworthy AI Framework, an AI adoption roadmap and readiness scorecard, use cases in practice, and a roadmap to the future of AI adoption.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the role of generative AI and AI-based tools in small CPA practices
  • Recognize ethical and regulatory considerations in AI adoption
  • Determine steps for creating an AI adoption roadmap