Using the AI Financial Planning Assistant

You will receive an email when you are invited to the AI Financial Planning Assistant by your CPA / Tax Firm. Click on the Opt-In for AI Assistant Tools to start the process of using the Financial Planning Assistant.

You will then be taken to the Financial Planning questionnaire (or the login page if you are not logged into your account) where you can see the options pre-filled by your CPA/Tax Firm for your Financial Planning services. Scroll down and select Submit to continue.

Step 1 of the questionnaire will ask you question about your Personal Information such as your Name, date of birth, and occupation in order to generate your financial report. Once you have finished answering these please select the Save button at the bottom right to continue.

Step 2 of the questionnaire will ask questions about your current financial situation such as your total annual income, total monthly expenses, current total savings, and total outstanding debts so that it can factor these into your financial report. Once you have finished answering these you can select the Save button at the bottom right to continue.

The next few steps will be related to which financial planning service you selected. For example if you selected Investment Planning as the requested service you will see questions related to your current investments, plan for future investments, and overall investment goals.

Once these pages have been saved in the same manner as shown for the first two steps of the questionnaire, you will reach the final page of the Questionnaire. On this page you have the optional step of uploading your previous two tax returns in PDF or Word format by selecting the Upload File button.

When you are finished with this step, you can select the Finish button at the bottom right.

After selecting the Finish button, you will be taken to a confirmation page where the Assistant will give you additional information on documents you can separately send to your CPA to help them work alongside the Financial Support Assistant to generate your financial planning report.

To submit your questionnaire to the Assistant select the Submit Questionnaire button at the bottom of the page.

You have now submitted your financial Planning questionnaire and will be taken to the conformation screen. To return to your dashboard select the Back To Dashboard button.

To view the status of your financial planning report select the Financial Planning report option in the sidebar menu. From here you can see your list of financial reports that have been started after you submitted your questionnaire.

At the top of the page you can filter for a specific report using the Filter Report Status filter, Filter Engagement Type filter, search for a specific engagement ID using the Search Engagement ID text box or select the Clear all filters button to see every report.

You can select the view icon under the Action column to view the questionnaire answers that you have submitted for a specific report.