How to use the Financial Planning Assistant

To invite a client to the Financial Planning Assistant select the Clients option from the sidebar of the dashboard. Then select the Invite Client to Financial Planning Tool option at the top right of the Clients page.

After selecting the Invite Client for Financial Planning Tool button, the Add Client menu will pop up. From here enter in your clients information, select the requested Engagement Type and click the Submit button.

Your client will then be invited to fill out a questionnaire regarding their financial history and goals. Once this is completed and they submitted by your client you will receive an email from Hive Tax AI stating there is a financial plan ready for review.

Your clients financial planning report can be viewed by selecting Financial Planning from the sidebar. From the Financial Planning page you can view your clients reports, see their status, view the clients answers to the questionnaire, read the financial planning report, and archive the report.

You can filter the reports by status, engagement type, and creation date or search for a specific client name or report ID using the options at the top of the Financial planning page.

If you select the present report button from the action column of the report (middle button with a projector screen on it) you will be taken to the report review page.

From this page you can expand the details for each section of the report page to view the contents of the report by using the expand icon on the right side of the section you want to view. You can also copy the entire report using the Copy button at the bottom left and make any needed tweaks or adjustments you require before presenting it to your client.

We appreciate any feedback you may have, you can submit your feedback here.